Coffee and Nutmeg

1. The other day I received an email from my daughter’s school telling parents that kids are using nutmeg to get high. Seriously? Who sat down, looked at a container of nutmeg and said “Hmmmm, I wonder if this can get me high?” What is wrong with these kids? Nutmeg belongs in coffee and pie. Not up your nose.

2. I did a big ol’ photo dump on Monday. Do you ever do that? It’s like I had a million pictures saved that needed to be edited. Where did they all come from? I don’t even remember taking half of them. That means they’re sitting on my camera too long. Must do better.

3. My favorite Bible is app right now is Glo Bible. I absolutely love it! It’s interactive and it’s free. It has videos, maps, virtual tours, etc. Very cool. The only thing about using an app is that it makes it hard to find the chapters and verses in a “real” Bible. Duuuude, scriptures don’t just pop up in books.

Port Cape Girardeau By Night

4. Speaking of photography, I entered four of my photographs in a local photography contest called “Capture the Community”. The contest is sponsored by Southeast Missourian, the photograph with the highest number of votes wins a $75 gift card. If you’d like to check out my pictures, go here. I’d also be your very best friend if you went here and voted for me.

So how’s your Saturday going?