March in Pictures {living outside the stacks}

There it is. The month of March in pictures. One of my goals for this year is to document more of my every day life. Not that it’s all that interesting, fun, or exciting. I just want photographic evidence of the day~to~day. I’m using the prompts from the bethadilly challenge to guide my photo taking.

For the month of April, I’d like the photos to be a bit more personal. And I’d like to experiment more with different types/styles of photography. Towards the end of March, I noticed that I was drawn to darker, more saturated images as opposed to the bright and airy photos of previous months. I found this funny because when I first started taking pictures my images were very dark and intense. I’m not sure what this means. But I will explore it.

So, here are some of my favorite memories/photos from the month:

089|366 {less is more}

089 Less is More {livingoutside the stacks} follow along on Instagram @DaenelT

I’m sure this poor plant doesn’t agree.

084|366 {my motivation}

084 My Motivation {living outside the stacks} follow along on instagram @DaenelT

I have 4 more of these {kids} and 3 of them are in college.

080|366 {floral}

080 Floral {living outside the stacks} follow along on Instagram @DaenelT

My little camera necklace. If @nikonusa ever wanted to make a specialty body hint I would have The Hubs take an extra job so I could have one.

075|366 {a black and white edit}

075 A Black and White Edit {living outside the stacks} follow along on Instagram @DaenelT

Have I mentioned how much I adore old buildings? This is the Windsor Hotel in Americus, GA. It was built in 1892 and has the most spectacular architectural detail.

071|366 {starts with b}

071 starts with B {living outside the stacks} follow along on Instagram @DaenelT

Been road trippin’ with “Bae” *snicker* for 21 years… Happy Anniversary {longest starter marriage ever}

066|366 {rule of thirds}

066 Rule of Thirds {living outside the stacks} follow along on Instagram @DaenelT

Dipped into the archives for this because a squirrel licking my porch or doing push ups. Take your pick.

065|366 {a routine} 

065 A Routine {living outside the stacks} follow along on Instagram @DaenelT

It. Never. Ends.

As you can tell, the prompts are  easy to follow and open to interpretation. And, really, this is about having fun, so if you wanna go off prompt, that’s cool too. If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to give you a follow and cheer you on; you can see my every day at #LOTS366Project. If you’d like to see other photos from other participants, just look up #thebethadillychallenge hashtag.

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