Monochrome Monday iPad Adapter {living outside the stacks}

Monochrome Monday SD Card Adapter {living outside the stacks}

Both photos taken with my Nikon 3100, edited on my iPhone using VSCO, and uploaded to my blog!!

Sometimes I feel like I should be ahead of the tech game. I am, after all, a librarian and a blogger. This is what I do. But sometimes I get so comfortable in what I know how to do that I don’t think about branching out until I do. Such is the case with my photography.

For years, I’ve been tied to a cord. You know, taking pictures with my Nikon and then waiting until I get home to upload them to the computer so that I could edit and then share on my various social media outlets. Very time consuming. Incredibly old school. Mostly irritating. Yesterday, while on a road trip with The Hubs, I started lamenting the difficulties of not being able to immediately share my photos. The Hubs looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said, “You’re a librarian, there has to be an easier way. Look it up.” doh

After a twenty minute search and a quick trip to Best Buy, we discovered that I all I needed was to plug an SD card reader into my iPad and BOOM! So now all I have to do is pop my card into the adapter, upload my pictures to my iPad, edit, and share. Y’all, I feel like I’ve traveled into the future!


The adapter is plugged into the power port on my iPad and then I put the SD card into the reader.

Nikon makes wifi enabled cameras but I’m sentimentally attached to Nikki {my camera} so I can’t upgrade just yet. Even though The Hubs keeps telling me to do so.

What tech discovery has made your life easier?

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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