Dress as a Skirt with Cardigan {living outside the stacks}

Before I jump into my post about my outfit, can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that there are still flowers blooming. In December! I’m so used to be surrounding by snow and ice at this time of the year that I don’t know what to do with myself. Honestly, I feel like all I do is discuss the weather now, but I’m in awe of the 70something degree weather. It’s like the best thing ever!!

Dress as a Skirt with Cardigan {living outside the stacks}

OK, now that that’s out of my system…. The Hubs and were running a few errands on Saturday, so I wanted to be comfortable but not too dressed up. I wasn’t sure what he was planning, so I wanted to be ready for anything. Truth: whenever I leave the plans up to The Hubs, we almost always end up at either a car lot or an RV dealership.

Dress as a Skirt with Cardigan {living outside the stacks}

Besides becoming overly excited about warm weather, moving here has helped me learn to maximize my wardrobe. When we lived in Pennsylvania and Missouri, there were definite winter and summer clothing. Here, the weather is so mild {and fluid} that my spring and summer clothes work equally well in the fall {and, hopefully, the winter}. The skirt is actually a sundress that I layered under a black tee and over~sized hooded cardigan. The boots are lace~ups by Sebago. I absolutely love them. They kind of remind me of my Army days. And, well, what’s a pair of boots without boot socks? It I’d gotten too hot, I could’ve removed the sweater or the tee and been perfectly comfortable. And, if it had gotten too chilly, I could’ve added a scarf and I’d be fine.

Do you have a winter and summer wardrobe or do you just wear whatever?

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