Mr. 16 asked me to go with him to pick out a Valentine’s Day gift for his friend girl. I was thrilled and, of course, a little bit emotional. My baby boy is growing up… He chose a beautiful earring and pendant set. Seriously, doesn’t my son have good taste?

Mr. 16's Gift

On Saturday morning, the hubs and I attended a marriage empowerment session at our church, The Rock International Ministries, that was taught by Eddie and Cathy Williams of TCT Television. They talked about building trust, establishing a reciprocal relationship and communicating effectively with each other by using the Bible as our handbook for marriage. They concluded the session by giving us a list of things we should do in our marriages to keep the flames flickering…

Complete list of “Do Yous” courtesy of Eddie and Cathy Williams:

  1. Do you catch your spouse’s glance across the room?
  2. Do you date?
  3. Do you call just to say “I love you”?
  4. Do you hold each other without the expectation of further “holding”?
  5. Do you pray for your spouse every day?
  6. Do you know your spouse’s goals?

You can find out more about the Williams’ ministry by clicking here.

How was your weekend? How’d you enjoy the Super Bowl?