Nikon D850 + 50mm | ISO 1000, 1/2500, f/4.5

The people who make you smile from just seeing them, those are my favorite people.

– Koi Fresco

This is an image from a photo shoot that I did for a coworker. The whole time we were together, we could not stop laughing. I think that’s part of the reason these images came out so beautifully. I mean, Mrs. Liz is beautiful but her smile and her confidence are palpable. And I feel like I was able to capture that and so much more.

Whenever I’m preparing for a shoot, one of the first things I do is find out the outfit. The reason is this helps me to determine where we’ll shoot. During the days leading up to the shoot, I start thinking about the images I want to capture, if I’m drawing a blank, I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Usually a week before the shoot, I send a link to my Pinterest board to share ideas.

The day of the shoot, I make sure we’re both comfortable. We talk and we laugh. I start with just a few snaps to make sure the light is good and to get the person comfortable with being in front of the camera. Even my selfie friends are initially uncomfortable in front of the lens {I attribute it to a lack of control}. Once I start shooting for real, I try to get a mix of posed and candid shots. By “candid” I mean the shot between the posed one. I’ve found that these shots are often the most captivating.

So that’s a bit of my process. Do you have any questions for me? If so, leave them in the comments below.

Happy Snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}




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