I met Nakia my first day on the job as the new librarian at the college. She came in with a group of practical nursing students and they were trying to print their handouts before the start of classes. She looked at me and asked “Are you our new librarian?” I told her I was and she said she was happy I was there because the school had been without a librarian for a while. From that point on, every time I saw her, she would yell: “Hey, Ms. Dani!”

When she asked me if I’d take her graduation pictures I teared up and told her I would…

I’m so proud of her. Not only did she graduate during one of the most difficult times in global history but she won several awards and honors, some of which were bestowed upon her by her classmates. I mean, it’s one thing to earn academic awards, but for your classmates to look at you and think you deserve honor? That says something about Nakia as both a student and a person.

The Graduate {living outside the stacks} @DaenelT


The Graduate {living outside the stacks} @DaenelT


Graduation {living outside the stacks} @DaenelT

These are a few pictures that I took for the college from our graduation ceremony. You all, talk about pressure. When I went to the ceremony, I wasn’t planning on being the primary photographer, but that’s what ended up happening…

Graduation {living outside the stacks} @DaenelT

The Keynote speaker for the ceremony was two-time Olympic medalist Hollis Conway.

Graduation {living outside the stacks} @DaenelT

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, y’all did it through some incredible challenges.

Happy Snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}




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