It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting here reviewing last week’s pictures from Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day Challenge. My inner critic is wishing that I’d been a bit more creative with the prompts but the quitter in me is celebrating the fact that I have 10 pictures posted.

Photo A Day {Living Outside the Stacks}

  1. one of my favorite mugs from Earth and Wears
  2. what’s more colorful than shelves of books in a library?
  3. breakfast date with the hubs
  4. yes, our TV is hanging on the wall above the stairs
  5. kickin’ back in the recliner
  6. right now I’m totally diggin’ my boots from Sebago
  7. view of my kitchen in the hall mirror
  8. I drink coffee every day for your protection
  9. my little pink monkey usb
  10. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses

So that’s my week in review. Nothing super exciting, just a life that I thank God for every single day.

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