Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

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Do you remember when I used to write a post called “Coffee Talk“? I kinda miss it. It was an opportunity to talk about random things and get to know each other. So, I decided to bring it back, just in a different version…

Magnolia Blossom {Living Outside the Stacks}

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  • I’m kind of ready to start work but I want to enjoy the rest of my break because once work starts, it won’t end again for a while. I get that way. I can’t wait to go on break or vacation, then about 3 days in, I’m like alright time to go back!
  • What’s the deal with that Rachel Dolezal chick? I know some people think what she did was harmless, but I can’t help but to wonder how many opportunities she took away from real women of color? And, if the stories about her filing false reports of harassment due to race are true, she needs to face the consequences.
  • My daughter, who’s still in Missouri, and I’m wondering if she’s OK. I know she is but, still, I worry. This is the first time we’ve ever been this far apart and for this long. I’ve been sending her messages on how to make quick, easy and CHEAP meals. My biggest hint: chicken goes with everything.
  • I need some area rugs for the kitchen nook, the living room, and the dining room. I absolutely love our hardwood floors and I want to keep them pristine. That’s why I want to cover them up.
  • I read this opinion piece about how people dress too casually for church and, yes, I have to agree. Dressing for church shows respect for the place {the house of God} as well as for your fellow church members. I remember when the mothers of the church used to put hankies on ladies’ laps if their skirts were too short…
  • When you were elementary school did you have to do a family tree? I did, and I had so much fun with the assignment. I’ve recently started digging into the family history and was able to find a copy of my grandparents’ marriage license on Such a very cool thing to see.

What’s on your mind? Share in the comments and let’s talk!

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