Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}

Hi, and welcome to Coffee Talk. In case you’re new here, this is where I share some of the great and not~so~great stuff that I find on the web. Topics range from news stories that leave me scratchin’ my head to DIYs that I think are absolutely clever. And, who knows, there may even be a recipe thrown in here or there just for fun.

So grab a cup of coffee {or tea or whatever floats your boat} and let’s talk…

1. I have a little message for President Vladimir Putin: Yes, America is an exceptional country and we are an exceptional people. We are a nation founded on the concepts of freedom, equality, and hard work. We may not always agree with each other but at least we have the right to say it and believe it without fear of imprisonment or worse. So, thank you, Mr President for expressing your views on our country but understand this, I don’t like it and I don’t agree with it but at least you have the right to say it in this country, something the people in your country don’t enjoy.

2. George Zimmerman has an O.J. Simpson complex. When you get away with murder, you should disappear. Spend your life helping lepers. Feed orphans. Do something other than be a jerk.

3. Miss 16 and I were watching Diff’rent Strokes the other night and, dude, I didn’t realize how many tough topics that show covered: child molestation, drug use, teenage sex, etc. I think we were so much more naive as kids because I didn’t remember any of those episodes until I started watching with my daughter. Crazy.

What had you scratchin’ your head this past week?

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