Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}1. Soon after the kids started taking health and sex ed courses, we made a list of words that were banned from the house; at the top of that list was the word “moist”. shudder Over the years, the word has made it’s way into conversation, most notably at Thanksgiving dinner when my parents, sister, and her family were all gathered around the table. It was the most awkwardly funny experience ever. Anyway, I led with that so you can understand why I am truly skeeved by the thought of moisturizing jeans. ewww  Wrangler has solved a problem I didn’t even know we had: we need a spa like experience in our pants.  There’s just so much wrong with this product and, you know what, it’s another reason for people to hate Americans. Yes, I went there.

2. When did Oprah gain the power to absolve people of their sins? It irritates the living daylights out of me that celebrities think if they go before Oprah and confess all they’ll be forgiven. It also irks me that Oprah believes she has this power. But that’s a whole nother issue.

3. Come closer. A little bit closer, I have a secret to tell you… People are idiots! A Belgian woman drove 900 miles out of her way because her GPS told her to. head desk Her initial destination was a mere 90 miles away from her home. Goodness knows I’ve heard my fair share of “Recalculating” but if my GPS tells me to turn right and I see a lake or a brick wall, I don’t turn right because some clipped accent tells me to. Common sense, people! If it doesn’t feel right, pull over and ask questions. Buy a map.

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?