Product Review Chic Threads by Amy Camera Strap Self Portrait {living outside the stacks} #LivingOutsideTheStacks #TeamLOTS

I did not receive any compensation for this post. I’m just sharing because I was asked and I really like my camera strap.

A friend of mine asked about my camera strap, so I thought I’d share a few things about why I use them and why I chose the one that I did…

Product Review Chic Threads by Amy Camera Strap with Smile {living outside the stacks} #LivingOutsideTheStacks #TeamLOTS

My hands are shaky. Sometimes I drop things or have a hard time holding items like cups and pencils or things that require fine motor control, so it’s important to me that I make sure that whenever I carry my camera it’s secure. I’ve used the strap that comes with with the camera but the webbing always rubbed into my neck causing red marks and irritation. And the strap is usually ugly ~ black with the Nikon name imprinted all over it. I’m #TeamNikon all the way, but…

I’ve also used straps that slip over the included strap but I could still feel the webbing. Not good.

I wanted something that was not only secure, but pretty and reflective of my blog/photography brand. While perusing Etsy {support small businesses, y’all}, I came across Chic Threads by Amy and had the hardest time choosing just one strap. They’re all so cute.

Product Review Chic Threads by Amy Camera Strap {living outside the stacks} #LivingOutsideTheStacks #TeamLOTS

I eventually settled on a mixed print scarf style strap because the colors and prints are bold enough to capture attention but neutral enough to blend in with whatever I’m wearing. I also liked the wider scarf style because it just looked a bit more comfortable than a skinny strap. And after using the strap for a few months, I can say it’s very comfortable and secure. I also like that the strap is adjustable, so you can make it longer or shorter depending upon your needs. It can even go crossbody style if you need it to do so.

Product Review Chic Threads by Amy Camera Strap Attachment Clip {living outside the stacks} #LivingOutsideTheStacks #TeamLOTS

And last, but not least, the two metal clips on each end looked a bit more secure than the traditional plastic slip through strap ends that usually secure the strap to the camera. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my straps slip while holding my camera and, uuuum, yeah, super scary.

Honestly, I can’t recommend these camera straps enough. I’m thinking about adding a “winter style” to my collection.

Anyway, the straps range in price from $29.99 for a scarf style camera strap to $37.99 for a scarf style camera strap gift set. You can also place custom orders.

Do you use camera straps? Why or why not?

Happy {and safe} snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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