Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Product Review: Febreze No Spill Wood Diffusers

My name is Daenel and sometimes my house smells.  It smells like kids.  It smells like dog and hamsters.  It smells like stale food.  It smells like life and life stinks.  So I was happy when ModernMom gave me the opportunity to try the new Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser in my home.

When I went to the store, I immediately headed over to the air freshener section of the store.  Wrong!  These babies are kept with the cleaning supplies…  Um, ok….

So exactly what is the Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser?  Well, it’s a nice little twist on the traditional reed diffuser air fresheners.  Rather than having a bunch of sticks waiting to be knocked over by little hands, the fragrance is stored in a sleek little bottle and the scent diffuses through the lid.  Sweet.  And there are four scents to choose from, I chose Green Tea with Citrus ~ the scent is light and refreshing and covers all of those stale smells that tend to take over a home.

Just a word of caution, the “no spill” rule doesn’t necessarily apply to the initial set up of the air freshener.  Trying to get the plastic stopper out of the bottle was a little difficult, it took a butter knife and a lot of patience but once it was done, it was worth it.

Again, the container is incredibly chic and fits into just about any decor (bonus for not having a giant logo emblazoned across the front).  The scent is powerful enough to eliminate staleness without being too overpowering and the no~spill~packaging~after~initial~set~up is ideal for homes with kids and pets.

Disclosure:  I received a coupon for a free Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser from Modern Mom in exchange for this review.  My husband is an employee of Proctor & Gamble.