HummerFor years, every time my family wanted to go somewhere we had to take two vehicles because there wasn’t enough room in one car for everyone. Truth be told, the only time it really became an issue was when we wanted to take a vacation or visit family but, for the most part, we were all on different schedules so we rarely traveled en masse until we moved here. Now things are different.

The Boy Driving the HummerWe want to hang out together. So the hubs and I started talking and praying about trading in my car for something bigger. We told God the desires of our hearts and explained that we didn’t want to pay any more for a bigger car than what we were paying for my car. God already knew this but sometimes you need to verbally express these things. Anyway, a few weeks ago, the hubs asked me what kind of vehicle I wanted andI told him that I wanted a Hummer. You should have seen his jaw drop. Once I convinced him that I wasn’t kidding, we started searching for a Hummer. And we found one.

Hummer Collage

For nearly two weeks, we drove by the car lot, stopping on occasion just to start it up. Neither of us dared to take it for a test drive, lest we fall truly madly deeply in love. And that’s exactly what happened on Friday. We decided on a whim to take it on a test drive. Within the hour we were sitting at the salesman’s desk praying Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” {KJV} Since moving to Missouri, we have made a concerted effort to draw closer to God and move within His will. So we prayed that the Lord would give us the desires of our hearts (a vehicle that can carry our family with a low payment). And that is exactly what He did.

We didn’t force anything. We said our prayer, and told God if it’s not His will or if we can’t afford it, don’t let it happen. He allowed it and now we can travel together. And I couldn’t be happier.