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Welcome to the roundup post for this week’s Style Imitating Art, where you get to see all the various interpretations of the inspiration piece.

This is my first time curating Style Imitating Art and  hosting the roundup, so I want to thank everyone who participated.


Monkey from Quadrupeds series (N41) for Allen and Ginter Cigarettes from The Met (public domain) #StyleImitatingArt

Monkey from Quadrupeds series (N41) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes, The Met, circa 1890 {public domain}

I selected the inspiration piece for this round of Style Imitating Art. This lithograph is from a set of cards that were used to promote Allen & Ginter brand cigarettes. This image is from The Met’s public domain collection. While I do not advocate smoking, I do find it fascinating that trading cards were used to promote tobacco products back in the day. Am I the only one who remembers when that rock hard pink gum used to come with comics? I think it was called Bazooka gum or something like that. Anyway, Allen & Ginter was a tobacco manufacturing plant that was formed in the late 1860s by John Allen and Lewis Ginter. They created and marketed the first cigarette cards for trading and collecting. Fascinating on so many levels

For more information about the inspiration piece, click here.


Bev_SIA {Confuzzled Bev}

Bev from Confuzzled Bev is wearing the cutest bird dress! I absolutely adore the colors and the print – they definitely play off of those in the lithograph. And those tights are every bit of fab {y’all know how I love colored/patterned hoisery}.

You can see more of her outfit by clicking here.

Monkey Trading Card SIA {Post Card Purposes

Mike from Post Card Purposes is sending out all the tropical vibes in his brown turtleneck shirt and khaki pants. I love that he even set the scene with his houseplants.

Mike said the lithograph made him “think of The Jungle Book (the original 1967 Disney film).” I can so see that. His outfit was “put together to match the color of the monkey itself, as well as the tree branch that he’

You can see more of Mike’s outfit by clicking here.


Leslie from Once Upon a Time Happily Everafter is so funny. I love that she accessorized her outfit with a monkey. I wish I’d thought of that. And isn’t that floral tank just cute?

Leslie’s joining for the first time and almost didn’t make it. But she “cooled [her] jets long enough to snap some pics.” Leslie noted that her outfit was comfy enough for a road trip.

You can see more of her outfit by clicking here.



You guys, Kezzie from KezzieAG is wearing the cutest part earrings and brooches.

With her outfit, Kezzie “was trying to mimic the colours and the jungles foliage!” I think she did a great job, don’t you?

You can see more of her outfit by clicking here.


Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey is wearing the cutest bird print top. Don’t you just love it?

Salazar “stuck to the green-brown-blue color scheme and added some touches to reflect the details in the painting…”  Absolutely adore. I seriously love that top.

You can see more of her outfit, by clicking here.


This dress was Jen’s firs and original SIA-inspired outfit. The “polka dots in the dress represent the coconuts in the lithograph.” Sweet, right? You can see the original post here.


This is the second SIA-inspired and outfit. Jen chose this floral dress because she “realized how perfect (her) Hawaiian-print vintage dress would be for this cahallenge, to echo the tropical theme.” The link for this post is below.


Jen and her husband, Sam, are such a stylish couple. Seriously, just look at them. Look. At. Them.

Jen says that while Sam’s outfit really doesn’t have any of the colors from the print in it, his outfit reflects the “low-key vibe of the inspiration art.” She also says his outfit is “all about his hat!” I totally agree.

You can see more of Jen and Sam by clicking here.


 Style Imitating Art {living outside the stacks}

I posted my Style Imitating Art interpretation on Monday, which you can see by clicking here.

Make sure you visit everyone so you can see more of what they wore and don’t forget to leave a comment so they know you were there.


Jen – Librarian for Life and Style

Salazar – 14 Shades of Grey


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