1.  I make up words.  Sometimes I don’t realize I’ve done it until someone says “Whaaaaa?”  Fortunately, my family’s used to it and they just let it go and figure out what I mean by context.

2.  My twin sister is 45 minutes older than I am.  When we were kids I used to say we were equal in age, now I love the fact that she’s older.

3.  My first car was a Pontiac Fiero.  I’ve had 3, I wrecked 1 and the other 2 died on me.  That was over 16 years ago but every time I hear “I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me” by Expose I’m taken back…

4.  The first time I saw a computer I told my teacher that no one would have those things in their homes.  I was wrong.  Do you remember that, Mr. Engbrecht?

5.  When I first got married I couldn’t cook.  At all.  Now I like to think that I’m a hop, skip and a jump away from being a chef.

6.  I started drinking coffee when I was 10.  I used to hide it from my parents.  Recently my mom told me that she knew.

7.  We had nine days notice that we were having twins.  As in, nine days before the babies were born the doctor said “You’re having twins and we don’t deliver twins at this hospital.”

8.  When I was 14, I shaved one side of my head and dyed the rest of my hair black.  My parents are preachers.  They were not amused.

9.  There are times when I wonder why these 4 teenagers are calling me “Mom” and then I remember, I gave birth to them.

10.  Back when I used to model, my husband showed up at the photo shoot and took me out for dinner while I was all dolled up.  We were treated like celebrities.