I’ve been excited about Family Movie Night every since I found out about The Jensen Project from TwitterMoms.  I forced asked my children to come back home from Grandma’s so we could make a big thing of it.  My sister~in~law lives next door to my mother~in~law and she has a pool, need I say more?  Anyway, I bought pizza, popcorn, chips and dip, pudding, veggies and dip, fresh fruit for smoothies, soda, water ~ I was ready for all of their snacking needs.  The one thing I wasn’t ready for was company…

A while back, my husband and I attended the wedding of some friends in Ocean City, Maryland and I had taken pictures during the wedding and kept forgetting to get them printed.  I finally got them printed and called to let them know that they were ready, so they said since they’d be in the area they’d come over and grab them.  Without thinking I agreed.  It wasn’t until my husband came home and pointed out to me what I’d done that it clicked. Crrrraaaaaapppppp…..

I told the kids what I’d done, apologized profusely and set the DVR to record.  Or so I thought.

An hour and a half after the movie started, I set up for us to watch the movie and that’s when I realized that I didn’t set the DVR.  I wanted to cry.  This was the first time that my entire family had been home at the same time since the first week of June.  Again I had to apologize.

My kids are such troopers.  By now it was nearly 9:45 PM and they were like “Mom, let’s just rent something from Pay~Per~View.”  So I found the Pay~Per~View movies, scrolled through and we settled on Alice in Wonderland.  The kids and I ended up having a great evening but I still wanted to make things up to them.

So this morning I got up and made them a big ol’ breakfast:  bacon, eggs, pancakes, smoothies and orange juice.   The kids and I talked, laughed, acted silly and just had a really good time.  Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry but things always have a way of working out.  These are the things that memories are made of and as my children get older and create lives of their own, I know that these days will be fewer and further between.  I’m just happy that they humored their crazy old mom and came home for Family Movie Night Family Breakfast Time.