Last weekend, The Hubs surprised me with a trip to Laurel, Mississippi. Y’all, this was like a dream come true. I have been a fan of Ben’s and Erin’s since the first episode of Home Town. My dream has always been to renovate an old home… You know, add all the modern conveniences but keep the charm. What I like about their renovations is that they incorporate many of the homeowner’s pieces with new items to make everything cozy. That’s how I’d want to do things. You can tell the homeowner’s are walking into their place, versus walking into a perfectly curated home that will be dismantled as soon as the cameras stop rolling.

Needless to say, I took a lot of pictures while we were there, so I divided my images into different collections. This first set of pictures are of some of the beautiful old buildings that we saw while walking around…

I was drawn to the splotchy paint, the oddly placed windows with the fire escape.

Look at the little red box on the top of the building in the first picture, I wonder if it’s a siren or something?

There’s something about brick buildings… Brick buildings with balconies, right?

This is the entry to the Rusty Chandelier, isn’t it beautiful? I have a thing for vintage doors. I’d love to have one in my house, for my pantry.

How beautiful are those windows?

I’m not sure what this is… A courtyard, maybe? But I can see it being a great place to hold parties and things.

I just liked the colors in the sign.

They were doing sound checks outside the building. The Butcher Shop was hosting an outside dinner with music event that evening, but The Hubs and I didn’t attend. We ended up gong to dinner at The Blue Crab.

I really wanted to go inside because, well, library, but they were closed.

This is the Laurel Little Theatre that Erin sometimes talks about on the show.

We were driving and I saw this church and asked The Hubs to pull over because I liked it.

Look at it. Just look at it.

We didn’t go inside, but I liked the color of the bricks.

Another beautiful old door.

Come back for the next set of pictures, I’ll be showing you pictures from the Leontyne Price Park.

Come back soon,

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