The 4th of July weekend has come and gone. Way too quickly. We didn’t have any real plans because I had to work on Friday, so we just kinda played it by ear.

Coffee {Living Outside the Stacks}

1. Why is it during the week day I could sleep til noon, but come the weekend my internal alarm goes off at 5:30 AM? The only way to make it through was with an extra large cup of coffee. Actually, that’s how I start just about every morning but you knew that already, didn’t ya?

Volkswagen {Living Outside the Stacks}

2. The hubs and I went to the park to see the car show. There were so many vintage cars, tricked out hot rods, and oh~so~cool motorcycles but my fave was the Volkswagen van. Seriously, how can you not love them?

Mud Volley Ball {Living Outside the Stacks}

3. We stopped and watched some folks play mud volley ball. I can’t. But they looked like they were having fun.

Mississippi River {Living Outside the Stacks}

4. After we left the park, we went down to the Mississippi River. The hubs and I love walking along the river, each time it’s a new experience. The water can be high or low, sometimes there are lots of people, sometimes it’s just the two of us.

Clouds {Living Outside the Stacks}

5. As we were turning to leave, the hubs pointed up and told me to look at the sky… Isn’t God awesome?

Pinterest {Living Outside the Stacks}

6. The rest of my weekend was spent vegging on the sofa, obsessively pinning stuff on Pinterest.

Gas Station {Living Outside the Stacks}

7. Oh, wait, there was that quick trip to the gas station on Saturday when both the hubs and I were itching to get out of the house. How’s that for a date night? LOL

How was your weekend?

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