100 Things {Living Outside the Stacks}

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14 {NIV}

What a powerful declaration! Each and every time I hear a story about a child being bullied, I just want to grab him or her and say 2 things:

  1. you are made in the image of God {Genesis 1:27}
  2. God loves you {John 3:16}

I know what it means to be bullied, to go home crying because the teasing hurt so much that I thought I’d break in two. I understand the kid who sits in the dark of night and thinks life will never get better. I’ve felt the sting of rejection from a crush…

I grew up with a twin sister who was always voted to the Homecoming Court, was constantly sought after by the boys, and, in general, was just very popular. I was the odd one out. People looked at me and thought nothing of questioning my paternity {or my maternity, for that matter} in front of me. “Are you two really twins?” They’d stare at my yellow skin, reddish brown hair, and dark freckles in disbelief, “then how come you don’t look alike?” I suffered under constant suggestions for “improvement” from well meaning family members: lose weight, do this with your hair, try a little makeup, suck it up, etc.

I began to take solace in books…

I solved mysteries with Nancy Drew. Fell in love with Heathcliff. Protested with Malcolm X. And cried with Anjuli~Bai.

But, still, in the back of my mind, I could hear those voices telling me that I wasn’t good enough. I needed to reach for something deeper and that came from the word of God. I’m not a mistake. There is value to my life. From the moment we were in our mothers’ wombs, God had a plan for us {Jeremiah 1:5 and Jeremiah 29:11}. We just need to seek after Him to find our purpose. This doesn’t mean that I don’t still have moments of self~doubt, I do; but they’re quickly replaced with the joy that comes from knowing who I am in Him.

I am somebody.

You are somebody.

Embrace your quirks, I do…

31. Sometimes when a really good song comes on the radio, I pull the car over and sing. And dance.

32. My kids used to call me “Lady” when they were little. My biggest fear was that someone would think I kidnapped them.

33. The first time I saw computer {1980something}, I told my teacher that no one was going to have one of those things in their house. I was wrong.

34. I wanted to invest in Starbucks. Our financial planner told us that it was a ridiculous idea. She was wrong.

35. I used to be Scottie Pippen’s biggest fan. I was probably his only fan.

36. When I was a little girl, I fully intended to have one child and one monkey. I wanted to raise them as siblings. I promised my family I’d never ever share that with anyone. I lied.

37. I absolutely positively hate Halloween but I will not turn down a piece of candy. Smartees, please.

38. I received two full scholarship offers to two different colleges and one partial scholarship to another. I chose the partial because the school was in New Orleans. That is not how one should plan his or her future.

39. I tried out for the basketball team in 10th grade. I was awful. The coach felt so bad for me that he made me the team statistician. I got to travel with the team. Which was all I really wanted…

40. My twin sister was born in the back of a police car and I was born 45 minutes later at the hospital door. My mom says we were drama queens from birth. I’d agree.

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This post is inspired by Katie at Creole Wisdom.

Daenel T