3 Favorite Photography Apps for Android {Living Outside the Stacks}

Raise your hand if you’re ready for the Android phone to get some love… raises hands and jumps around wildly I was one of those people who waited with baited breath for Instagram to come to Android. In fact, I like to think that I was one of the first to download the app. My kids were all “We have a hipster mom; snapping pics of her food and filtering it to death.” Whatevs, kids… Instagram is all about sharing stories with pictures, connecting with friends, and making memories.

I use Instagram to share morning coffee with my friends and offer words of encouragement. But over time, I got tired of posting just a picture of my coffee, I wanted to find ways to make the pictures pop and set the tone for the day. That’s when I started playing around with various apps to see if I could find some that met my needs.

Here are my top 3 {and they’re all free!}:

3. PhotoWonder ~ This app is relatively new to me but so far I’m liking it. Mostly, I use it to add text to my photos. Normally, you want your photos to tell a story but sometimes, adding a bit of text for emphasis is necessary. There are also a couple of tools that are fun when used in moderation, e.g. “Beautification”: it erases acne and smooths out skin but can leave your face looking a little too perfect.

2. Pixlr Express ~ I use this app on just about every photo after I run it through Snapseed. It gives my photos that added touch of vintagey brightness that I like. For the most part, I just go to “Effect”, select “Subtle”, and go through the filters until I find one that I like. Unlike with Instagram, you can adjust the fade on the filters, which can offer up and overly processed look or a subtle flavor, depending upon the filter level you choose.

1. Snapseed ~ Hands down, my favorite app. I use this app on just about every photo before I upload to Instagram. I can’t say every picture because there are some photos that simply don’t lend themselves to filters. I like this app because it’s easy to use, has a variety of filters {all of which are adjustable}, textures, frames, and other nifty little photography tricks. You can also adjust the colors/tones automatically or by hand with this app.

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And since we all love to share, please tell me your favorite photography app below.

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