Woman in long dress holding her toddler son while standing in front of a log cabin.

When I originally edited this image, I wanted to keep with the boho feel of the whole shoot, which you can see starting here on Instagram. I kept the tones earthy and just a little on the gritty side, to fit the location {which was beautifully rustic and lush}.


Woman in long dress holding her toddler son while standing in front of a log cabin.

I converted the image to a sepia tone and lifted the shadows and contrast to match the vintage feel of the cabin. It still captures the boho vibe that my friend wanted when I originally shot the image, there’s just a little bit more of a vintagey feel to it.


Nikon D850

1/1250 | f/1.8 | ISO 1600


When I was originally asked to take these pictures, it was supposed to be for the toddler’s second birthday, but he wasn’t having it. He didn’t want to sit still and pose and I was nervous as heck because this was my first toddler session. So I knelt down on the ground, looked at him and said, “Alright, Mr.____, you’re in charge, what do you wanna do?”

His little face brightened and he showed me all around his yard and I just snapped away. At times, his mom and I were able to redirect him onto the area that she’d set up for his pictures. However, he made it clear that he wanted Mom in all the pictures, so she obliged. And, y’all, they turned out to be the most beautiful images I’ve ever created.

For months after the session, Little Man insisted that everyone call him “Mr.” and he proudly told everyone he helped with the pictures. *heart melt*


I get ambitious at the beginning of every year and start photography projects that I never finish. This year will be different. I will complete this project because I want one of those pretty little end-of-year photographic wrap-ups that I see on Instagram. So this year I’m going to try real hard to finish this challenge hosted by Sue Bahen with Click Community. If you’d like to join Click Community, you can click my affiliate link.


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