Abandoned Tricycle {living outside the stacks}

Tricycle at the Huddle House in Dawson, GA

About a week ago, I posted a picture of an old abandoned house on Instagram and I wrote that my dream is to travel around the country and photograph these old ruins before they completely disappear. Little did I know that there are others with the same dream. And even more who are actually out there living it.

Thanks to my cousin, I was introduced to allabandoned and through them I found rustypast. Just take a quick peek at their images. I’ll wait. Aren’t they stunning? You can almost see what those places used to be, can’t you?

I can honestly say that I’m obsessed with all things old, abandoned, rusty, decrepit, and historic. I really think this is the start of a new photography project. Especially now that warmer weather is here. If this is a go, I’ll be using the hashtag #LOTSAbandonedBeauty.

I’m sharing the joy with Regina at You are a Daisy and Michelle at The Joy Chaser. Please go check them out!

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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