11 August: Favorite superfood

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #LornaJaneFitness

Nuts. Except for Brazil Nuts. Seriously, why?

12 August: Do something new

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #LornaJaneFitness

Treadmills CAN work the entire body.

13 August: How do you practice #activeliving every day?

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #LornaJaneFitness

True story.

14 August: Post a picture of your daily inspiration to #movenourishbelieve

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #FitApproach

My family. there was a wasp

15 August: Share your favorite quote about staying positive and true to yourself

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #LornaJaneFitness

When I put on my running shoes and joined #RunforGod, my life changed.

16 August: Life can get very busy! What do you do to get more out of everyday?

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #LornaJaneFitness

I make time to laugh.

17 August: Share your ultimate goal/dream

Active Living Challenge #ActiveLivingChallenge #LornaJaneFitness

I want to start a real training program that involves everything from eating right to cross training to building my endurance and speed.

About the Active Living Challenge

The #ActiveLivingChallenge with Lorna Jane is an Instagram/Twitter challenge hosted by Fit Approach to celebrate #BlogFest. This is an opportunity for participants to share what active living means to them. Participants are encouraged to be creative with their pictures and share them wit friends and family.

#ActiveLivingChallenge with #LornaJane and #FitApproachParticipants are asked to post pictures of themselves that reflect that day’s inspiration. And, at the end of each week, write a reflective post on that week’s challenges.

The contest runs from 4~24 August 2014. The grand prize winner of the challenge will receive $500 to shop at #LornaJane.

You can see other participants’ pictures by checking out the hashtags #ActiveLivingChallenge, #FitApproach, or #LornaJane.

I’m linking up with Move Nourish Believe and Lorna Jane. Feel free to visit Fit Approach on Facebook.

How do you live active?
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