I think so.  Dori, my Droid, is like an electronic appendage.  It’s on my desk when I’m at work.    It’s on my hip when I’m cooking dinner.  I sleep with it by my bed.  This from a girl who initially resisted the cell phone out of fear of black helicopters, government tracking and way too much access for everyone.  Yeah, I know, I’m a little paranoid but that just adds to my charm.  But ever since my husband talked me in to getting my first cell about 12 years ago I’ve been hopelessly addicted.  I’m one of those people who uses my family members’ upgrades so that I can get the latest phone.

According to an article on The Online Mom, not only are moms buying smartphones in increasing numbers but many are using smartphones as an electronic mother’s helper.  They’re using them to keep track of medical records, manage family schedules and entertain young ones while on the road.  Are people really letting their toddlers play with their iPhones, Droids, etc?  Moms are also using the camera and video camera to capture material for blog postings and family updates.

I use my phone for keeping up with my kids.  They’re all on Facebook and one of the rules was that they had to “friend” either me or their dad (they chose me ’cause I’m way cooler than Dad).  As a result of being their friend on Facebook, I get to see what my kids are upto on a regular basis and I gain insight into their lives and the people they surround themselves with.  I don’t “friend” their friends but I do see what they write and, omg, these kids are hilarious.

My kids also text me on a regular basis, to ask me questions that they wouldn’t otherwise ask me face~to~face.  Religion and faith have been the two biggest topics lately…  I think, in many ways, the smartphone has created a stronger bond between my kids and me.  Because of my work schedule, I don’t really get to see my kids until the weekend so I value our electronic bond and it makes our face~to~face time so much sweeter.

Are you a smartphone user? Do you think it helps or hurts you as a parent?  Would you consider yourself a smartphone addict?