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Starbucks App for Android is Finally Here

And life just got a little bit better.  Can I tell you how excited I am about this?  The Starbucks app allows you to pay for your coffee using your mobile phone (currently only available at 6800 stores including all Target® Starbucks stores, just use the filter to see if your […]


Loose Threads and Other Random Thoughts

1.  Our dog, Squeekerz, has a bad attitude.  I suspect it’s because the kids named him “Squeekerz” and because they keep dressing him up like he’s a toy.  That’s him in the picture with Miss 15, you can’t see it but his eyes are screaming “Help me!”  When he was […]

A Letter to My Husband

Dear Tony, By now you’ve heard me exclaim ad nauseam how much I love love love that I took the plunge and downloaded the Nook app to my Droid.  In fact, you’ve benefited from my download immensely.  You know how we have different sleeping habits, and how I used to […]