Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Loose Threads and Other Random Thoughts


1.  Our dog, Squeekerz, has a bad attitude.  I suspect it’s because the kids named him “Squeekerz” and because they keep dressing him up like he’s a toy.  That’s him in the picture with Miss 15, you can’t see it but his eyes are screaming “Help me!”  When he was little, they used to dress him up in doll clothes…

2.  Next week begins Finals’ Week at the college.  I can’t believe I’ve been working at the library for a semester already.  It went by so fast.  I remember when I started, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a connection with any of the students but last night a couple of them came into the library to show me their Capstone projects.  I remember when some of them started working on their projects and now to see the finished products…  It’s just really cool that they think enough of me to share.  Gives me warm fuzzies…

3.  I was pulled over by a cop on my way home from work a few nights ago.  I was speeding and got off with a warning.  I had totally zoned out while listening to the radio, trust me, I’ve learned my lesson.  Getting pulled over is embarrassing and so not cool.  The hubs said I’m getting old and have about 6 months left of getting out of tickets.  Yes, y’all, the man is bold.  The next day while grocery shopping with Miss 17, she pulled me aside and said “Hey, Mom, little dude was totally checking you out.  Tell Dad you may have a year left.”  Yep, my family’s got jokes.

4.  Papaya Mango Tea Snapple is some delicious stuff! And I’m so not a tea person, so you totally have to trust me on this one.  It was inspired by the TV show The Amazing Race™  and their trip to India.  One day I wanna go to India and buy an authentic sari and drink some real tea and get my eyebrows threaded, until then I’m totally thinking I’m gonna have to hoard this Snapple stuff.

5.  It’s possible to hate shopping.  Miss 17 and I went shopping for prom dresses today.  And after 5 and a 1/2 hours of running from store to store, what did we come home with?  Absolutely nothing but a headache and an intense dislike of shopping for anything that comes close to formal wear.

Dori All Dressed Up
6.  Dori is no longer nekkid!  Thanks to Skinit I was able to put a cute little outfit on my Droid.  Doesn’t she look all fashionable and er’rything?

How was your week?

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