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Blogtober: My Hobby {Living Outside the Stacks}

Blogtober: My Hobby

A little over 3 years ago, The Hubs bought me my first “real” camera. It was a GE X500 Power Pro. I loved that camera. And I took it every where with me. But as I became more comfortable with photography, I started to recognize the limitations of my “bridge” […]

Tucker Blvd {Living Outside the Stacks}

Walking on Tucker Blvd

When I was a little girl, the one thing I wanted more than anything was one of those personalized license plates that I saw in stores. Actually, I wanted anything that was personalized but that was never gonna happen. My name is Daenel. Not a very common name. So now […]

100 Things: Part V {About Me}

Are you guys sick of me yet? I think you now know more about me than the NSA…. 41. I can bake three things really well: Orange Cranberry Loaf, Banana Nut Bread, and Dried Fruit Bread 42. Seinfeld taught me one thing: if you look really frustrated people will think […]

100 Things {Living Outside the Stacks}

100 Things: Part I {About Me}

During my interview, one of the questions asked was the standard “Tell me about yourself.” I never know how to answer that question. Do they want the personal or professional answer? Here’s my answer: A few years ago, a librarian friend of mine asked all of us to write our […]

Three Things {Living Outside the Stacks}

Three Things {About Me}

This year is a year of celebration for me. Not that I don’t celebrate every year, but this year I turned forty. Actually, I turned forty on yesterday and today I’m celebrating my eighteenth wedding anniversary. Yes, I realize I totally hosed myself on the gift department…but being married to […]