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Hey, how are things in your neck of the woods? As usual, I’m getting this post up late, but at least it’s on the correct day. This was a hard post to write… Not because I don’t have favorites, but because it was hard for me to narrow it down. I tried to spread the love across a few social media platforms and themes, so I hope you enjoy the randomness.


Welcome to the monthly edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes? Over the next few months, we’ll share about our work spaces, home towns, and more!

I should note – because this is super important – the creative brain behind this project is Bettye at Fashion Schlub! Love her!

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THE THEME: Social Media Faves


Instagram is my jam. Way back in the day, when Instagram was only available for people with an iPhone I protested, yelled, and screamed {only a slight exaggeration}. I wanted access to all the pretty square pictures. So when it became available for Android users, I immediately downloaded it and, y’all, Instagram used to be so beautiful. None of the reels and videos and such that have infiltrated it now… It used to be a place for me to turn to for inspiration and a mind cleanse.

Now I have two separate Instagram accounts: daenelt – for style inspo and daily living and livingoutsidethestacksphoto – for photography. With each account, I carefully curate my feed so that things fit my needs as much as possible. Below are a few accounts from each of my Instagram feeds that bring me a bit of joy.


harryandthehippychick – I love love love her pattern play and her easy breezy boho vibe. And, seriously, Eva is just beautiful.

shacareymartin – Sha’Carey has this really cool vintage vibe that just makes me happy. I just want to explore her closet.

nelly_got_dressed – I love her print mixing and color clashing. Her outfits are so creative.


570jdphotography – She’s a documentary photographer and I just love that every shot tells a story.

thisartistsoul – this is a hub that spotlights different photographers; the talent out there is amazing.

hellostoryteller – a photography community that supports, educates, and encourages photographers of all skill levels


I’m on the road a lot because of my job {travelling between campuses and everything}, so I listen to a lot of podcasts. It makes the time go by quickly and I also learn a lot. It’s also a nice way to distance myself from my thoughts when I need it.

Code Switch by NPR

What’s CODE SWITCH? It’s the fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for. Hosted by journalists of color, our podcast tackles the subject of race with empathy and humor. We explore how race affects every part of society – from politics and pop culture to history, food and everything in between. This podcast makes all of us part of the conversation – because we’re all part of the story. Code Switch was named Apple Podcasts’ first-ever Show of the Year in 2020.

Why I Like It

To some extent, we all code switch. There are behaviors, attitudes, etc. that we don’t share with everyone because, well, expectations. Until I’d heard about this podcast, I didn’t know that what I was doing was universal to people in the Black community, nor did I realize the amount of stress that it puts on me. Listening to this podcast allows me to laugh and relate with others who find themselves in similar situations.

History is Us by Eddie Glaude

There will always be something distinct about our present day,  yet history haunts. American democracy is at a crossroads, and we have to decide who we really are as a nation. This moment begs us all to look to our past to help understand our present, and to imagine a better future. In the aftermath of the carnage of the Civil War, the nation struggled to give shape to a country drenched in blood. In many ways, we are still fighting old battles and still trapped in assumptions that blocked the way to imagining a new America. Written and narrated by award-winning author and Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, “History is US” is a 6-part audio documentary produced and developed by C13Originals that asks questions about who we are as a nation, and what race might reveal about our current crisis. Through the voices of distinguished historians and scholars, this limited series gives listeners the background and education to understand how we got here and how we can all use history to clarify the choices before us.

Why I Like It

I’m a bit of a history nerd and I’m a fan of Dr. Glaude’s, where he’s a regular commentator on MSNBC. During the turbulence of the Tr*mp years, I found his analysis of historical and cultural events to be spot on and, dare I say, reassuring. His passion for history and the lessons to be learned from the past come through in each meticulously researched episode.

Bad Women: The Blackout Ripper

Hallie Rubenhold is the host of Bad Women: The Ripper Retold. She is an award-winning historian, author, and consultant. Her research has centered on the often-neglected lives of women. Several of her books have been adapted for the screen – including the hit drama series Harlots (Hulu/Amazon/BBC). Her book, The Five – about the victims of Jack the Ripper – topped the Sunday Times bestseller chart and won the prestigious Baillie Gifford Prize. Raised and educated in the US, Hallie lives and works in London.

Why I Like It

I enjoy women’s history and this podcast centers the lost stories of the victims of Jack the Ripper. We’ve always heard that these women were prostitutes and, because of their profession, they deserved to be murdered. Rubenhold dives into the social and economic circumstances of these women’s lives {and the lives of women in general} to show that there is more to the story than what we’ve been told.


I’m not a big video fan. Buuuuut there are times when I find it necessary, like when I need to learn a new crochet stitch or something along those lines. In cases like that, I learn better from watching than reading.

HayHay Crochet

My name is Heather a.k.a. HayHay Crochet!

I’m a 23 year old, self-taught Crochet Designer and have been crocheting since I was 12 years old.

I love creating my own designs and sharing them with others here on this blog and my YouTube channel! As another creative outlet, I have Instagram and TikTok with a lovely, fast growing community that I adore.

Why I Like It

I decided that this is the year I want to start creating stuff. Specifically cozy cardigans. I love cardigans. Like seriously. And there’s something easy and relatable about Heather’s crochet style. Even when I’m not following her stitch for stitch, there’s something genuinely therapeutic about her videos.

Rincey Reads

Rincey is a writer and editor {for Book Riot} who always has a reaction gif ready to go. Rincey spends her free time reading {obviously}, and wandering the streets of Chicago in search of good food and possibly not as good music. {She does have an affinity for pop music. Don’t hold that against her..} She is also often busy taking notes on how to be more like Leslie Knope.

Why I Like It

I discovered Rincey on YouTube while looking for a book review and I was immediately hooked to her review style. I like that she’s conversational in tone and just sounds like a friend who’s telling you about a book she just read. I also like that her reviews include a lot of side notes, personal anecdotes, and random thoughts.


I’m always on the lookout for new faces and voices, leave the name of your favorite social media account in the comments.


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