Coffee and Bling {}

When Instagram announced that they were releasing an app for Android, I cried tears of joy and patiently waited for it to become available. And as soon as it was, I downloaded it and started snapping pictures. I was in filter paradise.

Over time, Instagram has gone from a place to share photos and create stunning images, to a space where friends meet to share the every day with some beautiful images in the mix. I’m not complaining. I enjoy seeing my friends’ kids with messy faces, it makes me feel like I’m a part of their lives.

During the time that I’ve been on Instagram, I’ve noticed something about myself: I post a lot of coffee pictures. I mean, a lot. But I want my Instagram feed to be more than just coffee pictures, I want it to be a way to connect with my friends.

So I’ve decided to create an account focused strictly on my coffee pictures. This account is located at VSCO Cam. I like that VSCO Cam is streamlined and uncluttered by comments, likes, and smiley faces. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just want something that’s more gallery style, that’s more artist/photograph centered. I also think this will provide me with a greater creative outlet for my coffee photos.┬áIf you’d like to check out my coffee pictures, visit my grid at

This doesn’t meant that I’m giving up on Instagram. Not on your life. I’ll just be using it as a way to document my daily life.

If you’re on Instagram or VSCO Cam, please give me a shout out and leave a link to your account in the comments.


Daenel T