Retro TVI’m such a retro chick.  I love TV Land and Nick at Nite, especially when they go old school and air shows like All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Good Times.  In fact, I try to find ways to work retro TV shows and music into just about every class I teach.  Those shows dealt with topics such as abortion, rape, death, homosexuality, aging, racism and economic woes with more depth, humor and intelligence than many of the shows on air today.  Anyway, two websites that help to feed my flashback needs are Hulu and YTTM.

Hulu allows you to watch television shows (both old and new), I use it to watch old Twilight Zone episodes.

YTTM lets you revisit a decade ~ you know listen to music, view commercials, listen to the theme songs of your favorite television shows, etc.

What’s your favorite retro TV show?