Happy #FistBumpFriday {Living Outside the Stacks}If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I like to do a little something called “Fist Bump Friday”, where I encourage my friends to share something that made them happy during the week. Sometimes we get so bogged down with life and the crazy that comes with it that we forget to acknowledge the good things. So I thought it’d be fun if we all shared and celebrated together.

This week I’m happy that I get to work on a project at work that will benefit students in our community who have different learning/physical/emotional/social disabilities. It seems like just when I’ve reached the end of my rope and I don’t see any rewards from my job, a project gift like this is given to me and I’m incredibly thankful for that.

So please, share your good news in the comments below. Remember, it doesn’t have to be big or earth shattering. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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