I watched this video of the Masche sextuplets on the Today Show and I was absolutely floored.  Fa~loored!  Those kids were absolutely positively out of control and the parents weren’t doing anything to stop it. You’ve got little boy standing behind Natalie Morales in the chair swinging at the other kid and hitting her in the back, the others are running around like they’ve just escaped from prison… Of course, the parents couldn’t regain control of their kids because their home training should have started at home.  Seriously folks, you don’t let your kids go to someone’s house (and for all intents and purposes, the Today Show set is the home of Natalie Morales and crew) and run around like they’ve lost their minds.

Natalie Morales was the picture of grace under pressure.

And before you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, I had four children under the age of five and I know how hard it is to control a posse.  That being said, my children never acted like that in public or at home.  Why?  Because my husband and I acted like parents and disciplined our kids.

So talk to me, do you think this was just a case of kids being kids or do you think I’m overreacting?