KeyFolio Executive for iPad Air Review {Living Outside the Stacks}

Y’all  know that when I first received Inez, my iPad 2, from the hubs I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with her. I mean, I had a camera, a cell phone, and a beautiful netbook that I carried everywhere. What did I need an iPad for?

KeyFolio Executive for iPad Air Review {Living Outside the Stacks}

Oh, was I in for a surprise. I use Inez for reading, quick blogging, taking notes, and keeping in touch with the hubs. The only reason I don’t use her for all of my blogging/typing needs is because of the lack of keyboard. Hunting and pecking on the onscreen keyboard is for the birds. And we know how I feel about birds.

That’s why I was all kinds of excited when I got the opportunity to review the KeyFolio Executive Zipper Folio with Keyboard for iPad Air by Kensington.

The KeyFolio Executive Zipper Folio is made of durable faux leather {so it’s animal lover friendly} and features an adjustable/removable keyboard, Bluetooth compatibility {pairs with any Bluetooth capable device}, and a removable folio in order to reduce the weight. It also offers 960 hours of working battery life. Suh~weet.

KeyFolio Executive for iPad Air Review {Living Outside the Stacks}


  • Syncs easily
  • Long battery life
  • Adjustable viewing angles for the iPad
  • Full~size keyboard with all of the function keys easily accessible
  • Removable keyboard {definitely makes it easier/more comfortable to type}
  • Relatively inexpensive at about $99.99
  • Offers good protection for the iPad {Folio is sturdy and zippered, so you don’t lose anything}


  • Incredibly heavy {I plan to leave the keyboard at work for in~office use}
  • Instead of a surround to hold the iPad in place, it uses a sticky substance that you press the iPad on to
  • If you’re not used to working on a netbook, it may take a minute to get used to the keyboard
  • Not very stylish {we all know that I like pretty}, however, they do have other keyboard folios that come in different colors and there’s also a model that comes with a backlit keyboard

Do you need a keyboard for your iPad? I’d recommend you check out the selection available from Kensington, I’m sure you’ll find something to meet your needs.
Daenel T




Disclosure: I received a free KeyFolio Executive Zipper Folio from Kensington for the purposes of review. This did not influence my opinion at all.