Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Knowing God by Name {Bible Study}

Knowing God by Name

Today marked the beginning of the second week of the “Knowing God by Name” bible study and I have to say, this has truly been an awe inspiring study. In the first week, we learned the names of God that indicate His deity:

  • YAHWEH ~ LORD {Jehovah, Self~Existent One}
  • ELOHIM ~ GOD {Mighty, Strong, Prominent One}
  • ADONAI ~ LORD {Master}

Each of these names proclaim that God is the LORD of lords and God of gods, there is no one above Him, He can do anything, He is the beginning and the end…

I’ve always known that God is above all but reading it in His word {and in Hebrew} has been such a learning experience. God established that He is the one who is in control and has the ultimate authority because everything bows to His will {Isaiah 46:9~11}. What a great and powerful God we serve!

A couple of times a week, I plan to share what I’ve learned from my discussions with the ladies from the Women’s Bible Café and my readings from the book  Knowing God by Name: A Personal Encounter by Mary Kassian. For more information on the study, you can check out the Women’s Bible Cafe on Facebook by clicking here.

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