Makeup~Free Monday Week 3Yay!  I’ve made it to the third week in the Makeup~Free Mondays Challenge.  If you don’t know about the challenge, please check out The Beauty Bean. Today was our Christmas Party at work and I was totally and completely makeup~free and it didn’t bother me a bit, nor did it detract from my festive mood.

Today’s Makeup~Free Monday tip is to smile!  My husband often says that when I’m walking down the street or working on something, I have on “The Face.”  I used to think he was just blowing smoke until one day I saw “The Face in the reflection of a window.  Talk about scary.  No wonder people think I’m mean until they get to know me.  Hahaha  Smiling brightens your face, makes you look younger and draws people to you.  So go ahead, straighten those shoulders and smile.

Have you ever caught your reflection in the mirror and almost scared yourself with your expression?