Multi~tasking at the Reference Desk
Multi~tasking at the Reference Desk....

Be prepared to be incredibly bored….

06:15  Wake up

06:30  Drive the kids to the bus stop

06:35~07:00  Watch a variety of news programs; I start with Fox News, flip to CNN then land on The Daily Buzz (Fox bothers me because of the political and familial nepotism, CNN rocks it out with their music snippets but I get bored with the small talk)

07:00~08:00  Watch The Early Show; during an Estee Lauder commercial I’m reminded again of the wonder and whimsy that is Regina Specktor’s voice.

08:00~08:30  Watch All in the Family ~ that show is classic, the humor dead on and the topics still applicable today.

08:30~10:30  Go back to sleep.  I have to work tonight.

10:30~11:00  Watch How I Met Your Mother ~ one of the funniest shows on TV, if you’re not watching it, you need to be.

11:15  Make coffee ~ love Luzianne coffee, reminds me of my days in New Orleans

11:30~12:00  Read Tandem, my latest book for review

12:00~12:20  Hop in the shower and begin the process of getting ready for work

12:30~1:30  Get ready for work while listening to The Five Heartbeats ~ that movie has the best soundtrack ever!!

1:30~1:45  Drink my last cup of coffee and head out the door for my commute

1:50~2:50  Drive to work, talk to my sister (Thing I love about my Droid?  Being able to plug that baby into my speakers and talk to my heart’s content ~ safety first)

2:55  Walk into the library, deposit my belongings in the staff room and catch up with co~workers (for information about the daily lives of librarians, check out Library Day in the Life)

3:00  Turn on the fabulousness that is me and begin my shift at the Reference Desk at Keystone College.  As an evening librarian, most of my duties concern making sure that equipment runs smoothly, checking out materials to students and generally making sure that everything goes off without a hitch.  It’s Finals Week, so most of the research questions have been answered, so students are either stressing and studying or stressing and relaxing.

3:45  Check Facebook, this is how I keep up with my kids now.  I leave a couple of messages for my son who’s on his way to a basketball game ~ gotta cheer for my boy.

3:45~3:50  Check out some movies to a student.  Yes, we check out movies, books, laptops, cameras and video cameras.  I beg her to take them home, grab a bowl of soup, huddle under some blankets and not return until she feels better.

4:00~4:30  Grab a cheeseburger, fries and coffee from The Grill.  Usually I just grab a cup of coffee but I haven’t eaten anything since midnight so I’m pretty hungry right about now.  I also talk to my mom while I’m eating, she’s used to me munching in her ear.

4:30~10:45  Back to the Reference Desk.

10:45~10:50  Make the rounds ~ let the students know the library is closing, refill the copiers and printers, push in the chairs and make sure everything is set up for the day shift.

10:50~11:00  Wait for security to clear the building and lock up.

11:00~11:45  Listen to Michael Smerconish as I drive home.

12:00~12:45  Eat dinner, watch a little TV and then head to bed.  Good night.

And how was your day?