Disclosure: I received the Navy Scarf Top and the Laurie Felt Silky Denim Pull-On Flare Jeans courtesy of the Laurie Felt team.

As always, the views and opinions expressed are my own.

My #NiceJeans Story featuring Silky Denim Pull-On Flare Jeans by Laurie Felt {living outside the stacks}

You guys already know that I’m a big fan of Laurie Feltheimer’s clothing line, Laurie Felt, on QVC. You can see how I’ve styled some of my favorite pieces by clicking here. I’m also a Heartfelt Role Modelshout out to my style sisters So when her team reached out and asked for my thoughts around the Laurie Felt Silky Denim Pull-On Flare Jeans, I literally danced around my living room while sending out multiple heart emoji.

By now, I think you all know that I’m a jeans girl. Like if I could live my life in jeans, I would. I recently started wearing skinny jeans, but my first and always true jean love is the flare leg. There’s something about a flare leg that makes my little ol’ bohemian heart sing Soul Sister by Cree Summer. sigh Back to the jeans…

Navy Scarf Top with Flare Leg Jeans by Laurie Felt {living outside the stacks} #NiceJeans

I know when you hear {or read} the phrase “flare leg”, you think of the 60s or 70s with the extreme bell bottoms. These are not those. The opening on these are a bit wider than your standard boot cut jean, which makes them perfect for wearing with a variety of shoe styles but not so wide that you feel, I dunno, costumy.

Navy Scarf Top with Flare Leg Jeans by Laurie Felt {living outside the stacks} #NiceJeans

These jeans are a pull on style with a single button in the front {makes them easier to pull on}. The lack of zipper and front pockets also makes for clean lines if you choose to wear a fitted shirt. Also the material is super soft which allows the hem to drape over the shoe instead of crunch up around the ankles like what can happen with traditional denim.

Navy Scarf Top with Flare Leg Jeans by Laurie Felt {living outside the stacks} #NiceJeans

Navy Top and Laurie Felt Silky Denim Pull-On Flare Jeans – Laurie Felt | Jewelry – Old | Sandals – Birkenstocks

Navy Scarf Top with Flare Leg Jeans by Laurie Felt {living outside the stacks} #NiceJeans

I heard thunder…

Navy Scarf Top with Flare Leg Jeans by Laurie Felt {living outside the stacks} #NiceJeans

And feel rain.

Now let’s talk about sizing. I used to wear my jeans baggy. I’d go up a size or two because I thought it was a way to hide the things that I didn’t want other people to see. Ummm, yeah, no. That doesn’t work. When buying jeans, especially Laurie Felt jeans, you want to go with your actual size because, well, it fits. And with Laurie’s jeans, the fit is second to none. Also you want your flares to be fitted in the body and loser from the knee down. I normally wear a size 12 in Laurie’s jeans. Because these are a pull on style, they’re alphabetically sized {like leggings} – I’m wearing the Medium and I’m 5’5″. The fit is, well, pretty danged good… I’m all leg with a short torso and I’m able to wear both flats and heels with these jeans comfortably. If you look below, you can see that I’ve styled the jeans with a pair of wedges that have a 2 and 5/8 in heel. Heidi is also wearing a heel with her jeans.


 Heidi Wearing Laurie Felt Top with Flare Leg Jeans {fashion mama pro} #NiceJeans

I’d like to introduce you to my friend and fellow Heartfelt Role Model, Heidi from Fashion Mama Pro. Heidi just helped Laurie and her team roll out the #NiceJeans Challenge, which encourages women to compliment each other on their jeans. Think about it, other than shopping for swimsuits, most women hate shopping for jeans. Jeans are mean! They can be rigid. They can be uncomfortable. They can be sized wildly. But when you find the perfect pair? deep happy sigh

Now, imagine someone looking at you and saying: “Nice jeans!” big happy smile So, I encourage you to take the challenge and compliment someone on their jeans today. Laurie would love for you to share your #NiceJeans story with her and the rest of the Heartfelt Community via social media. Read all about the challenge and share your story by clicking here.


Laurie Felt Flare Leg Jeans and Mauve Baby Doll Top with Skechers Shoes {living outside the stacks} #NiceJeans

I was trying my jeans on in the bedroom and The Hubs was doing whatever it is that he does, when he came to a complete stop, turned around, stuck his head into the room and said:

I don’t care how much they cost, get another pair. Your butt looks {insert wolf whistle here}.

#NiceJeans. Husband approved.

Share Your #NiceJeans Story {living outside the stacks}

The reason these jeans – all of Laurie’s jeans, in fact – work for my body type is because they find my curves. Laurie’s jeans are made with premium stretch denim that provides support in the tummy area, while still allowing for ease of movement. Do you know what I mean? In my old jeans, I couldn’t wait to get home and take them off because of the pinching in the waistband. But Laurie’s jeans are so comfortable that I’ve fallen asleep in them. And don’t think these jeans are that knit material that’s printed to look like denim, THEY’RE REAL DENIM & THEY’RE REAL #NICEJEANS.

Again, I invite you to share your #NiceJeans story on social media, on Laurie’s blog {LaurieFelt.com}, or in the comments below.

And if you’re interested in getting your own pair of the Laurie Felt Silky Denim Pull-On Flare Jeans, here’s a little shopping hint for you:


If you just can’t wait, you can shop early by clicking here. They come in 3 lengths and 5 washes, so I know you’ll find the pair that’s right for you!

Now go play in your closet,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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