Happy New Year, Friends! I hope you had a pleasant holiday season. Ours was nice and simple. We stayed home, as we always do. The kids called and FaceTimed throughout the holiday break, which was nice. I always enjoy any time that I get to spend with them — either in person, online, or on the phone. They’re hilarious. Even when they’re roasting me {which is often}.


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I also spent a bit of time rearranging my home office. I’ve been wanting a space that I could use as both an office and reading area, while accommodating Bleu and Lola.

When  you enter through the back door of our house {the door we use most often}, there’s a small room that we’ve used alternately as a drop point and dog room that I decided to take over. In any other house, this space would be considered a mud room, because there are doors to the laundry room, backyard, and carport, which leaves very little wall space {or electrical sockets}.

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Originally, I had my desk facing the window and the word chair was in our living room. I decided to push my desk up against the wall {which puts my back to the doors exiting the house}, to give myself room for the chair and side table.

The wall color is a cozy brown, which was the color of the entire house when we bought it. We ended up painting the walls in the other part of the house a creamy beige, but left the brown in this room. I like it, but I’m thinking about adding temporary wallpaper on the wall where my desk is. I’d also like to swap out the shelf for something a little less intrusive. And maybe in a different color.

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Because the dogs still use this space as their bedroom, I had to find a way to accommodate them. Prior to moving the furniture around, we had their crates set up for them to use. They took up a lot of room and weren’t really used by the dogs unless it was thundering, so I removed them and placed their beds by and under my desk. They like being up under my feet and would sleep under my desk even before I relocated their beds, so this made sense.

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From my desk or the chair, I can see the dining room and the kitchen. I also get a nice flood of light from the giant windows. And, yes, I’m a dual monitor person. It takes up a lot of space, but it makes working so much easier.

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Just a different view of my shelf, loaded with a bunch of odds and ends.


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Directly behind my office area is my reading nook.

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The chair was one of those lucky finds. We were out window shopping when I saw the chair in a showroom and had to check it out. It has words like “cafe” and “photography” written on it in various fonts; it had to come home with us. Bonus: it’s a recliner.

My plan is to crochet a cozy throw to keep on the back of the chair for when I really want to hunker down with a good audiobook.

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The end table holds a container of pens and a doll {gift from my mom}. At some point, I’ll find another place for the doll because, well, that ain’t it.


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When I started putting the room together, I didn’t want to spend any money. Or, at least, not a lot of money. And, so far, I’ve been able to curate furniture and decorative pieces from other rooms in the house.

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I’m thinking about putting up a bookshelf on this wall, but since I mostly read and review audiobooks, I can hold off on that for now.

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The sofa table is both functional and decorative. I needed a place for us to drop items without them ending up on my chair or desk. It also makes a great show space for my cameras and lenses.

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The door in the back leads to the carport, while the door with the tote leads to our laundry room/pantry.

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I added a few plants, real and faux, for a little bit of color. I’d love to have more plants in this space, but I’m not good with plants. I love them but they fail to thrive in my care.

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Overall, I’m really happy with the way this space turned out. In time, I’ll add a few more things to up the cozy factor.

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