The Old Office

Current Office Space {living outside the stacks}

Current Office Space

After the girls were safely deposited in their dorms, I sat in my living room and wondered Now what? Usually when I’m bored, I play around online or The Hubs and I will go antiquing or something but neither of us really felt like putting on pants so… I started looking around my house to see what I could move around and that’s when it hit me: I want my own office space.

I have a desk just off from the kitchen but I wanted an area with more space and more light. I also wanted to be able to watch TV while I work. And, what you can’t see, is the trash can that sits right next to my desk. Do you know how hard it is to work with that sitting right next to you? Yes, it does have a lid but still… YUCK!! And people are always sitting stuff on my desk: empty soda cans, cereal boxes, mail… Why????

Actual Office {living outside the stacks}

This is where I actually work: on my living room sofa, with the computer on the coffee table, and me hunched over the computer typing away. By the time I’ve finished editing my photos and typed up my blog posts, my back is usually killing me. I get up and walk around but it this adds to the time I spend behind the computer. The TV is directly across from the sofa, so I can watch while I work.

The New Office Space

Entry to Family Room {living outside the stacks}

This is the entry way to our family room and the room that will be {partially} transformed into my new office. The area behind the love seat will become my space and I’m beyond excited. We jokingly refer to this room as “Squeekerz’s Bedroom” because that’s where he eats, sleeps, and goes to decompress.

 New Office Space {living outside the stacks}

My desk will face the TV which is to the left, directly in front of the treadmill. The recliner chair will probably leave. I’m not sure yet. The covering is starting to show it’s age, but maybe with the addition of a throw or something it may be able to stay. I’m not sure yet. Aren’t those windows the best? I love that I’ll be able to edit my photos in natural light instead of the relying solely on harsh overhead lights. This is also one of my favorite rooms in the house but, quite possibly, the most under used.

New Office Space {living outside the stacks}

I’ll be using the iron and wood from these nested tables as my inspiration for the decor. In fact, I’ve started pinning ideas on Pinterest to help guide my search for a desk and chair. We hope to find something in a second hand/vintage store. I’m not sure of a color scheme yet. The walls are a neutral beige with a greenish undertone. Part of me wants to paint one of the walls a dark color but I think that’ll defeat the purpose of being in such a bright and open space, so I’ll probably just leave the walls.

Because the floor is tile, I’ll definitely be looking for some sort of floor covering to soften things up. I know I want something with some pattern, especially since there isn’t much wall space available for hanging art. And with all of the available light, you know I’ll be adding some plants to the room.

Do you have a favorite room in your house? 

Off to look for furniture,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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