Welcome to my home…

Welcome to My Home

I’ve always wanted a red door, that was one of the first changes we made to the house when we bought it…

The front door

We searched for this house for 6½ years before we found the perfect house for our family.  When we finally found it, it was everything we didn’t want:

  • a foreclosure
  • a bi~level
  • over 20 years old

But when we walked through the front door, we knew this was the place for us.  It was everything we needed:

  • five bedrooms
  • 1 full bath, 1 half bath, 2 three~quarter baths
  • 3 living areas
  • and plenty of outdoor space

Even before we bought the house, I’d started purchasing decorative items and placing them in a storage shed until we found the house.  I had my paint colors picked out ~ based on my mica lamps (something I’d seen as a kid and absolutely loved).

Living Room Accessories

The center wrought iron piece is from the garden section; the candle sconces were originally black and I painted them brown and gold to “age” them to match the center piece; the fruit bowl painting and the crosses are from Dollar General; the painting of the mother with the children is from a local antique shop; the boxes were handmade by my son in wood tech; all of the other accessories were purchased at tag sales and yard sales

I grew up in Italy and lived in New Orleans for a time, so I think those places have definitely influenced my design style.  I have lots of wrought iron, worn pieces, crosses and ethnic pieces in my house.  I’m very proud of the home that I’ve created for my family.

Living Room Collage

The wall color is called Burnt Amber, when I first put it on the wall my husband freaked out…  After all of the furniture and accessories were put in place, he fell in love.

What influenced your design style?