Gidget, my dear sweet GE X500 camera, was embarrassed by her immodesty the other day, so she and I went on a little shopping trip to get her some new clothes.

First we hit up The Blue Hydrangea Gift Shoppe in Dallas to get her the most adorable little coat…

Gidget's Coat
I’m using a bag from the Vera Bradley Frill Collection as a camera case, it fits everything perfectly and it slides right into my regular purse with room for all of my other belongings.

Next we scoured Etsy for the perfect dress aka camera strap…

Gidget's Dress
We found the floral camera strap at Smitten by a Promise a sweet little shop owned by Kelsey.  Her store’s name is based on 1 John 2:25 which says

And this is what he promised us~eternal life (NIV)

Honestly, if you’re looking for cute items, check Smitten by a Promise out.  The measurements were accurate and the shipping was super quick.  Kelsey even wrote a little handwritten “Thank you” on the back of the envelope (it really is the small things, y’all).

Once everything arrived, it looked so coordinated without being too matchy matchy, which a true fashionista would never do…

Gigdet's Coat and Dress

What do you think, doesn’t it look like the coat and dress were meant to go together?

Finally, I was able to dress Gidget in her finery and we were both incredibly happy with the makeover…

Gidget Fully Dressed

I absolutely love Gidget’s summer outfit, don’t you?  I cannot wait to shop for winter!

Do you name your tech toys?  Have you purchased any fancy accessories for them?  Or are you the creative make your own type?