I love my new house.  One of the things I knew I wanted in our new place was a lot of light.  I wanted to be able to take photographs inside without running around, gathering lamps from all over the house and then aiming them at my subject.  I also wanted a fireplace.  I may not ever use it but I wanted one.  I just think they add warmth to the living space.

Living Room
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I wasn’t sure if my old world eclectic style from the old house would fit in this house (click here to see pictures of the old house) but the hubs was convinced everything would work.  And, I have to say, I agree with him.  Everything looks very different ~ much brighter and more open.

The walls are textured and painted a sort of creamy beige (a color I never would have chosen on my own) with a soft green focal wall (another color I never would have picked) but I love the colors.  I’ve always said that my style was influenced by my time spent living in Italy and New Orleans ~ old, vintagy things appeal to me.  If it looks like it’s one of a kind or comes from another country, I’m all over it.  I adore wrought iron pieces because they remind me of the cemeteries in NOLA.  Cemeteries?  I know, right?  But, really, they’re quite beautiful.  The deep burgundies, greens and golds remind me of Venice.  The wicker makes me think of Korea and the ladies who would bring me food because I was a lonely pregnant soldier so far away from home.

And, of course, the monkeys followed us.  Much to my husband’s dismay.

Monkey Decorations
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Do you have a decorative items that your family thinks is weird?