1. My baby is 15 today. My plan was to ignore her until the exact time of her birth, except no one can remember what time she was born. I remember 2 things from that day:

  1. Yelling “Get it out of me!” Obviously, no drugs were involved in the delivery of this child
  2. Turning to the hubs while he was doing that Lamaze breathing and hissing “What the *$%# are you counting for?”

Birthday Girl

2. We tried a pomelo today. Have you ever had one of those? It looks like a giant green grapefruit and has a similar citrusy taste. I sliced it length wise and tried to eat it that way. Not a good idea. It’s better to peel and eat it like an orange, otherwise, you’re doing a lot of work for a little satisfaction.

3. Today the kids confirmed what we’ve always suspected; our dog is really a cat.


4. Congratulations to Tricia at Lady Terror Rants for winning the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software Suite. I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun going back through old photographs and remembering times gone by…

And how was your Saturday?