Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend. This is the first time since the beginning of the month that I haven’t been sick so I’m beyond happy. Seriously, what did my kid bring home from school? ‘Cause yuck! If this is your first time here, please feel free to look around and leave some comments or like me on Facebook and join the random (but fun) conversations that take place over there.

Are you ready for this week’s finds? So. Much. Fun…

1. Whimsy

Whimsy {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

Miss 18 is always such a willing and able model. Love that my kid likes being the center of attention.

2. Create

Create {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

I crochet these flowers to accessorize my cardis. Love them, they just make my outfits so much fun. Sometimes I wear them in clusters of three, sometimes I simply wear one.

3. Dust

Dust {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

When I told my daughter about the “dust” prompt, she goes “You won’t find any of that in here. We clean.” Apparently, that doesn’t go for the outside of the house…

4. Seed or Sprout

Seed or Sprout {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

I don’t know what kind of plant this is but I love how it starts as a point (go here to see what I’m talking about) and then it becomes all bushy when it starts to bloom. Do plants bloom?

5. Swing or Drop

Swing or Drop {Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

This big ol’ hunk of hail dropped out of the sky the other day. Doesn’t it look a lot like a crystal?

I’m linking up with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Here are the “rules” if you’d like to join in:

  1. Take a photo of each prompt {if you have to dig into your archives, it’s OK but the pictures should be relatively new}
  2. Link to the URL of the blog post, not your main blog
  3. Grab the button or text link back to Ramblings and Photos
  4. Visit some of the other participants and leave some comment love

Next week’s prompts {sponsored by bluebird love} are:

  • Clouds
  • Sun Flare
  • Seven
  • High Angle
  • Low Angle

Have a great week!

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