If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then you know that our dog, Squeekerz, ran away last Friday morning, leaving the family heartbroken.

Well, he returned late Saturday afternoon after a week long adventure and he didn’t come back alone…

Late Saturday afternoon, The Boy and I were sitting downstairs talking when I happened to look out the window and see a big fluffy black something in the backyard. A few feet behind the black something I saw a little tan something dart across the yard. I called the boy to the window and said “What’s that?”, he replied “Oh, it’s a black cat.” I squinted and said, “No, past the cat. What’s that? Is that Squeekerz?”

By this time, I was shaking from excitement, so the boy had to open the door for me. We both took off running towards the backyard yelling “Squeekerz!” The dog turned, looked at us, and started to run in the opposite direction. seriously So we slowed down and started walking, the boy stretched out his hand and started calling the dog in a softer tone. Meanwhile, the obviously pregnant cat who had accompanied our dog home, stood between us and the dog, looking from us to the dog and back again. Finally, she turned and looked at the dog and then looked at the boy as if to ask him what he was waiting for. I saw the dog’s ears tune into The Boy like he was remembering something and then he took off in a full run towards The Boy.

Fast forward a couple of hours and these are the questions that rolled through my head:

  • Where has this dog been for a week?
  • Of all the animals to bring home, why a pregnant cat? Doesn’t he know I’m terribly afraid of cats?
  • How did the cat know where the dog lived?

Finding out that the dog had been brought home by a pregnant cat led to some pretty funny Facebook exchanges:

Facebook Conversation

Needless to say, I will definitely let you know the results of the test or if this turns into a mixed marriage.

For those who are interested in the whereabouts of the cat, she ran off when the boy picked Squeekerz up. I’ve since learned from my daughter that the cat hangs out in the neighborhood, so I assume we’ll be seeing some kittens pretty soon.