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Art Park in Albany GA {living outside the stacks} #VisitAlbanyGA #LivingOutsideTheStacks

A couple of days ago, The Hubs and I decided to take a drive around downtown Albany because we were bored and wanted to get out of the house. As is my habit, whenever we go somewhere, I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door. As we were leaving Ray Charles Plaza I spotted the remains of a building out the car window and asked The Hubs to pull over. You guys know how much I love my abandoned buildings.

Anyway,we hopped out of the car and I started snapping away…

Art Park in Albany GA {living outside the stacks} #VisitAlbanyGA #LivingOutsideTheStacks

I love the idea of an outdoor space for artists to gather and paint and talk and just hang out. What an awesome way to draw people downtown and build up the community. This is one of the things that I miss most about Missouri, the sense of community along the waterfront. And it’s evident from the many renovations and improvements down in the area this is exactly what community leaders are trying to do. In the coming weeks, The Hubs and I plan to go back downtown so that I can take some more pictures of the waterfront, the parks, and the immediate area, so stay tuned…

Art Park in Albany GA {living outside the stacks} #VisitAlbanyGA #LivingOutsideTheStacks

This was shot through the outside window; it kind of reminds me of the set from The Wiz. Brings back all sorts of fond childhood memories… See the turtle in the corner? There are turtles all over downtown Albany. Someday I need to find out the significance.

Art Park in Albany GA {living outside the stacks} #VisitAlbanyGA #LivingOutsideTheStacks

Another shot through the window. How cool is that bench in the back corner?

Art Park in Albany GA {living outside the stacks} #VisitAlbanyGA #LivingOutsideTheStacks

There’s something about crumbling window casing, whitewashed bricks, and soft living things growing amongst hard dead things. It’s hope. I think.

Art Park in Albany GA {living outside the stacks} #VisitAlbanyGA #LivingOutsideTheStacks

I had hoped to find that this space is still in use, but I discovered that it’s not. The Art Park closed its doors permanently and, as of 2015, the plans are for it to be converted into a microbrewery. I hope that a new place is found for the creative community and that it is as cool as this place looks like it once was…

Like to see more photos of the area? Check out the hashtag #VisitAlbanyGA.

Do you have anything like the Art Park in your area? 

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