Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

The View Blab Fest

Whoopi’s back! Now all is right with The View. I absolutely love her ~ even when she’s being rude and obnoxious, she’s funny as heck.

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Whoopi Tips Her Dreads

Whoopi’s been away from The View filming a movie with Kate Hudson in New Orleans. While there she had a little tour of the city and stated that she was “tipping her dreads” to Brad Pitt for all the hard work he has put into rebuilding the 9th Ward. Apparently he is doing some marvelous things there. I’m happy that she gave an update on my adopted city. Betcha didn’t know I used to party live there back in the day, did ya? I did and I loved it ~ the people, the food, the culture….I loved everything about it.
Lindsay Lohan is Suing E*Trade
I love the E*Trade commercials with the babies. Everyone loves those commercials ~ how could you not? Now, Lindsay is suing because she thinks she is the “milkaholic” referenced in the commercial. Um, Linds, no one was thinking that until you said something. Come on, lighten up. If nothing else, the commercial puts you in a positive light ~ those babies are hella funny.
Happy 16th Birthday ~ Here’s Your Credit Card
So some financial expert recommended giving 16~year~olds a credit card to teach them how to manage their credit before they strike out on their own and get buck wild with the plastic. According to this expert, the credit card should be attached to the parents’ card and have a limit. Um, no… I have a sixteen~year~old in my house and they are very strange people. I would rather give my children cash and teach them how to live responsibly and within their means. While I understand that the reality is that kids are going to get caught up in the plastic trap, I would rather not be the one to lead them down that road. We talk to our kids and we explain to them that we can’t get everything we want ~ we are a cash only family and that saves us down the long run.
Susan Kim and Elissa Stein

The ladies discussed the new book, Flow: The Cultural History of Menstruation, which discusses the misconceptions, old wives’ tales and other issues surrounding the menstrual cycle. Yikes!

As much as I hate commercials for sanitary products, (seriously, what is up with the pad and the magic show?) I am so glad after watching this segment that I am not living a couple of decades ago….use a vacuum cleaner for what? This segment had me laughing and cringing as the women tried to delicately discuss the ways in which women have dealt with their cycles over the years. Finally, they gave up and just let it, well, flow. Hilarious and scary.

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