I haven’t been able to Tweet The View for the past few days because I am down to one eye and following twitter is a little bit difficult right now.  I miss you, The View Moms!  Therefore, I’ll be blogging the Hot Topics, so let the blabbing begin….

Hot Topics
Rielle Hunter’s *ahem* GQ Spread
Rielle Hunter is John Edward’s baby momma, for those who don’t know.  Recently she did an interview for GQ Magazine and in the article she is posing seductively with some of her daughter’s toys.  I won’t comment on the article or the affair (because, quite honestly, I could care less) but I will offer this tiny bit of advice for future interviews:   Momma, for the sake of your baby, please do not pose semi-nude with their stuffed animals. That is skeevy on so many different levels. That is all.

Who’s the Loser Now?
A popular teacher in North Carolina was fired for writing “Loser” on the bottom of a 6th grade student’s paper after the student received a low grade. The teacher states that he talks to his students like this in a way to identify with the students….Um, what?  I teach college which is different from elementary school (sometimes) but one of the first things that I establish with my class is that I’m not there to be their friend, I’m there to teach them history.  Teachers need to maintain a line between themselves and their students.  You want to be available for your students when or if they need you but you are not there to be their BFF.  I think this attitude is what contributes to the lack of respect in the classroom.  What do you think?  Would you be upset if your child’s teacher called him or her a loser?

Marissa Tomei
Marissa’s working on a new web series for Bertolli Foods where she travels all over Italy to meet the farmers, wine makers ~ the artisans~ who actually create the foods that inspire Bertolli recipes.  Ya know, she will always be that kooky chick from A Different World.  LOL

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