I’m an organizer. A catergorizer. A putter~in~its~placer. A librarian. I like for things to have their own spot.

I create “To Be Read” lists. Lots of them. I read a blog post or see a book review and think I have to read that book, so I scribble the information onto a scrap a paper and forget about it. I needed to be able to create and maintain my “To Be Read” lists in a way that they wouldn’t get lost or forgotten about before the pen was put down. That’s where Clipix comes in.

Clipix is an online tool that allows me to quickly and easily organize information. All you have to do is go to clipix, create an account using your Facebook, Twitter or email accounts and then add the “Clip” tool to your toolbar. Don’t believe it’s that easy? Just watch the video…

I use clipix to maintain my “To Be Read” list because I got tired of having to scroll through my blog or find one of a thousand pieces of papers that held my list. As I read the books, I move them over to the “Books I’ve read” list. Cool, huh?

You can make your boards private or share them with others by making them public (you can even share them across various social media platforms). Your boards can also be used collaboratively by synching them with other users. And, if you have an iPhone, there’s an app! You can also follow Clipix on Twitter or like them on Facebook to learn all sorts of tips and tricks.

Please do me a favor, go to clipix and look around, then come back here and tell me how you’d use Clipix to organize your life.

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